The internet is visual and auditory.
What if the sense of touch became possible? What does the future look like?
To portray that sort of future for the internet,Yahoo JAPAN integrated the
“Search” function with a 3D printer and developed the “Hands On Search” machine.
The item you search comes out as a solid object by this search.
This is the first step towards a new search.

Where is "Hands On Search"?

This “Hands On Search ” machine is introduced to Special Needs Education School for the Visually Impaired, affiliated by University of Tsukuba. To touch is important for children with visual disabilities.
This is why we introduced the “Hands On Search” machine to Tsukuba.
We believe that the future of the internet will hopefully bring happiness to all people.

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What is “Hands On Search” project? 

With "Hands On Search" project, all of us can contribute to the realization of "touch" for visually impaired children.
Children can call out what they want to touch in front of the machine.
The search will be activated by voice recognition and once the 3D data (*1) was found, the search result will be printed as a solid object.
If there is no result, it is posted to this site and Yahoo JAPAN will post ads (*2) to recruit that data.
Data is then retrieved into the machine and then delivered to visually impaired children.

*1. Part of 3D data is also provided by private corporates such as Nissan Motor, amana and Tokyo Sky Tree, who support this project.
*2. Recruited through an action called Links For Good, where Yahoo! JAPAN's advertisement delivery technology is utilized.


What is the “Hands On Search” machine?

We will now introduce making movie of "Hands On Search" machine, for which Yahoo! JAPAN combined searching system and 3D printer.